Memory Improve Master

Memory Improve Master 6.1

This program works as an assistant to optimize your computer performance

Memory Improve Master is a program specially created to help you and your computer performance.
One of the most common problems that reduce the computers performance is how our system administrates the memory available in the disks.
What this program does is improves the use of the RAM memory. The program is running the whole time at your computer background and every time you close an application the program proceed to clean the system memory avoiding then the reduction of speed of your system, caused by one or more weighty applications running at the same time, and using a big portion of the RAM memory.
Some of the most important features of Memory Improve Master are:
It runs in the background and therefore improving the memory periodically;
it has an option for freeing memory immediately, just with a click; it can compress the memory used at any specific moment in order to recover free space in your RAM memory; it allows you to see the level of memory use by your system at every time; it also allows you to manage the process that are running in you computer.
One important fact of Memory Improve Master is that you can download two versions, a commercial one and a freeware one. Opposite to other commercial programs that have freeware versions, in this case, the free version does not have many limitations; basically the same features are present in both versions. Probably the most important difference is that the paid one has an extra feature called "smart tool", which is able to learn about the use of your computer, it then improves the memory in the best way for you and your system.

Guada Morán
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  • Runs in the background
  • Automatically scans your memory
  • Free version available


  • Poor interface
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